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Understanding Supination

What is Supination?

Supination is a biomechanical term that refers to the outward rolling motion of the foot during walking or running. It occurs when the weight is transferred to the outer edge of the foot. While some degree of supination is a normal part of the natural gait cycle, excessive supination can lead to various issues, including ankle instability, knee pain, and even back problems.

The Solution to Supination

How Form Insoles Can Help Correct Supination

Form insoles are specially designed inserts that fit into your shoes to provide additional support and cushioning. Integrating orthopedic insoles can be very effective to alleviating discomfort associated with supination. Form insoles provide anatomical arch support to promote proper foot and body alignment. Individuals experiencing supination will appreciate the stability provided by the arch and heel support that all Form insoles provide.

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