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Custom Moldability

Our Unique Form-Fitting Moldable Insoles

Experience the Form Difference

See how our insoles provide superior arch support

Our unique Custom Moldability feature means personalized comfort and support that's just right for you.

What sets our insoles apart is their ability to Custom-Form to your unique foot shape without compromising the essential support where you need it most.

Our design team has worked meticulously to create the perfect insole with an optimized balance of all the things that are crucial in a premium insole; cushion, arch support and durability.  Right out of the package, you will notice the contours and strength of our insoles.  But the most important factor is our shape.  The deep heel cup is comfortable and stable, the arch is the perfect height and very supportive and overall our insoles have a wonderfully comfortable cradle feeling throughout. 

How to mold your Form Insoles

Two Great Ways to get a Form Custom Fit:

1. WEAR MOLD - Ready-to-Wear

Just slip Form Insoles into your favorite pair of shoes or boots and enjoy instant support and relief for your tired, aching feet.

Wear molding is the easiest method to personalize your Form insoles. Simply replace the factory sock liners in your shoes with your new Form insoles and after a few days of regular use, the insoles will form to the shape of your feet, without losing support, providing a customized fit.

2. HEAT MOLD - Warm 'N Form Technology

To accelerate the customized molding process, warm up your FORM insoles in any oven and activate the unique molding process.

Step-By-Step Instructions for HEAT-MOLDING to get a WARM’N FORM custom fit.


-wait until temperatures reach the following:

Regular & Conventional Ovens set temperature to Bake at 200°F/90°C.

**Do not insert insoles while oven is pre-heating

2. Make sure you a wearing a light-weight pair of socks.

3. Remove the existing factory insoles from your shoes and loosen any laces.

4. Once oven is preheated, place both FORM insoles face down (color side down) in the oven on a baking sheet and leave them in the oven for two minutes or until the special “temperature ready” indicator tab sticker that’s located on the bottom of your insole turns black in color.

If after a maximum of 3 minutes the temperature tab does not turn black, remove the insoles, they will be ready.

5. Remove the insoles from the oven and immediately place both warm insoles into your shoes or boots.

6. Immediately step into your shoes or boots and lace them up.

7. Stand comfortably with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend knees slightly for approximately 2 minutes. Your insoles will now have that custom FORM fit.

Diabetics or individuals with poor circulation should consult their doctor before using FORM Insoles to ensure proper use and care.