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Why are FORM insoles SO comfortable? 

Our design team has worked meticulously to create the perfect insole with an optimized balance of all the things that are crucial in a premium insole; cushion, arch support and durability.  Right out of the package, you will notice the contours and strength of our insoles.  But the most important factor is our shape.  The deep heel cup is comfortable and stable, the arch is the perfect height and very supportive and overall our insoles have a wonderfully comfortable cradle feeling throughout.  Put them in your shoe and find out what we mean.

I have Plantars Fasciitis, can FORM insoles help?

YES. Tons of our customers wear FORM insoles for this very reason. Form has one of the most supportive arches on the market. Our shape truly cradles and supports your foot and in turn, this prevents it from collapsing and re-tearing the fascia along the bottom of your foot. FORM will prevent your arch from collapsing when standing, walking or running and will allow your foot to actually heal and help to keep the fascia from re-tearing.

What are the major differences between each of the FORM styles?

Mainly the thickness and the width of the insole. There is no single insole that can accommodate all foot types and all types of footwear. Some footwear has lots of room for an extra thick insole, while others fit tighter by nature and have less room.

How does the 100 day fit guarantee work?

Quite simply you have 100 days to wear, test, run, hike, work…whatever you choose. If you are not satisfied, simply return your insoles to the store where you purchased them and they will issue you a refund, or a better suited pair of FORM insoles. Or if you bought them from us on-line, simply call 855-274 8046 and one of our customer service agents will be more than happy to help you out.

How long do FORM insoles last?

Roughly one year. However, there are many different lifestyles and activity levels that can influence the life of our insoles. A person only wearing our insoles for light walking on the weekends will have a much longer lifespan than the active jogger who is running several miles a day. Based on our experience, if the insoles are visually fine with no obvious signs of wear (like a worn-out eroded topsheet) and they still feel good and supportive, there should be no need to replace them.

Can I wash my FORM insoles?

YES!! Put them in the washing machine on a cold cycle. Remove from the machine and let the Insoles air dry. DO NOT PUT YOUR FORM INSOLES IN THE DRYER. The Heat from the dryer, will affect the shape.

How do I know if I need to HEAT my insoles or not?

We have worked very hard to create a supremely comfortable insole and right out of the box our insoles will work very well for most individuals. For a more advanced level of customization, you can warm up your FORM insoles in an oven and warm-activate the unique molding process. This will provide your feet with a uniquely shaped insole that will provide unparalleled support and comfort.

I hear that FORM insoles can be re-molded and re-heated up to 5 times. Why would I need to do that?

A few reasons. As you change footwear brands, FORM Insoles may fit differently in your new shoes or boots. Simply re-heat them for 2 minutes at 200 degrees, and FORM Insoles will morph and adapt perfectly to your new footwear. Also, if you are not used to wearing arch supports, you may find that the FORM arch feels a bit aggressive for you at first. If you find you need a few tweaks after heating them the first time, and they aren’t quite correct, throw one or both Insoles back in the oven and start again to get them feeling perfect.

I am diabetic. Will FORM insoles work for me?

They might, but it often depends on your level of circulation. We strongly recommend you speak with your doctor first, to make sure the topsheet on our insoles would be suitable for your particular feet.

What makes the REINFORCED style different from the other styles?

Our REINFORCED insole offers a more advanced level of support. This insole is fitted with a re-enforced support bridge from the front of the arch, back to the heel cup. This offers a strong durable supportive bridge when the average insole just won’t cut it. Due to the strength of this insole, it is recommended that you heat-mold the REINFORCED. This insole will not mold as well by just wearing it. It needs to be heat-molded ensure the best fit for your foot.