NARROW - Maximum Support

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Comfort & cushioning for NARROW-fitting high and medium-volume footwear.

  • Base layer custom molds to your unique foot shape while still maintaining support.
  • Soft, comfortable high density foam for prolonged shock-absorbing comfort.
  • Comfort-shaped arch design provides ideal support reducing stress on feet and knees.
  • Heel cup designed for optimal support while stabilizing and positioning the heel to absorb impact.
  • TemperWeave™ top layer fabric reduces moisture and odor causing bacteria.    

Perfect for Narrow-fitting Athletic Shoes, Ski Boots, Cowboy Boots, Cleats and Skates


Our insoles will FORM perfectly to YOUR unique foot shape! Incorporating the very latest in biomechanical design, our custom moldable insoles accommodates any foot shape and helps to provide support and relief for more than 10 different types of foot, knee and back problems.

​Great insoles for Plantar Fasciitis, Over Pronation, Arch Pain, Heel Pain, Knee Pain, Back Pain, Shin Splints, Heel Spurs, Bunion Pain and Heat Blisters.


FORM insoles incorporate a revolutionary fabric called TemperWeave which helps to regulate the temperature of your feet. Never too hot and never too cold! Using a patented organic based fabric, TemperWeave also reduces moisture and eliminates ​odor causing bacteria

1- Wear’N Form

Right out of the box, FORM insoles have been designed to instantly go to work and start providing leading edge support and comfort for many different foot types.  Place your FORM insoles into your shoes and within a few days of normal wear, your insoles will naturally FORM to your unique foot shape.

2- Warm‘N Form Technology

For a more advanced level of customization, you can warm up your FORM insoles in an oven and warm-activate the unique molding process. This will provide your feet with a uniquely shaped insole that will provide unparalleled support and comfort.