Two great ways to get a custom FORM fit.

1. WEAR-MOLDABLE Ready-to-wear

In a rush or don't want to bother heating up your insoles? No problem! Just slip your FORM insoles into your favorite shoes or boots and enjoy instant comfort and relief. Your insoles will naturally form to the shape of your foot over time, usually within a couple of weeks.

2. HEAT-MOLDABLE - Warm 'N Form Technology

To accelerate the customized molding process, warm up your FORM insoles in any oven and activate the unique molding process.

Step-By-Step Instructions for HEAT-MOLDING to get a WARM’N FORM custom fit.

1. Pre-heat oven and wait until temperatures reach the following:Regular & Conventional Ovens – set temperature to Bake at 200°F/90°C. Gas Ovens – set temperature at lowest mark until temperature reaches 215°F/100°C*Turn on oven light if you have one so you can clearly see insoles.

**Do not insert insoles while oven is pre-heating as oven temperatures fluctuate during this time***Do not use a microwave.

2. Make sure you a wearing a light-weight pair of socks.

3. Remove the existing factory insoles from your shoes and loosen any laces

4. Once oven is preheated to 215°F/100°C, place both FORM insoles face down (color side down) on middle oven rack.

5. Watch the special “temperature ready ” indicator sticker that’s located on the bottom of your insole until it turns black in color. (if after 3 Minutes the temperature tab does not turn black Remove the insoles.)

6. Remove the insoles from the oven and immediately place both warm insoles into your shoes or boots.

7. Immediately step into your shoes or boots and lace them up.

8. Stand comfortably with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend knees slightly for approximately 3 minutes, and let your insoles FORM to your feet.

Diabetics or individuals with poor circulation should consult their doctor before using FORM Insoles to ensure proper use and care.